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Denise S. Fraile

Founder of Verati Design Group, a boutique consulting firm that provides branding and business strategy services to middle-market clients. Since its inception in 2006, Verati Design Group has emerged as a premier firm in the industry, thanks to Denise's leadership and expertise.


Denise's client portfolio is nothing short of impressive, having partnered with Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and even red-carpet celebrities. Not only that, but Denise has also personally consulted on winning judicial and political election campaigns. It's no surprise that her impeccable work ethic has been the cornerstone of her success.  "As an entrepreneur, I need to have a very strong and disciplined work ethic with a big vision. Not having anyone to assign me a task or tell me what to do makes me take on more responsibility, and that is what makes it exciting for me," Denise shares.


Analysis and evaluation of niche markets have become somewhat of a specialty for Denise. She believes that "adapting is great, leading is better" and thrives as an entrepreneur in the competition of business with a keen eye for design and creativity.


One of her most notable projects was spearheading the team that re-designed and re-branded a national commercial real estate services company. The project received tremendously favorable responses from over 600 commercial real estate professionals across the country. In addition to a re-imagined brand, the project delivered a new strategy and resource architecture for internal access to market intelligence, resulting in significant productivity increases and improved user and client experiences.


Denise also led the operational and strategic growth development for a major Florida-based healthcare provider. The scope of this effort included authoring investor presentations and relations as well as developing new business models and care delivery models that comply with healthcare reform and improve patient outcomes. The marketing and branding component was implemented through the application of omni-channel campaigns, including a co-branded marketing campaign that partnered with a multi-national energy conglomerate.


But it's not just business for Denise; her passion for philanthropy is equally remarkable. She has been an active board member of several charities that focus on building the leaders of tomorrow, abolishing human trafficking, and improving the lives of others. Denise received the "Leg Up" humanitarian award, honoring individuals who have gone above and beyond demonstrating admirable efforts in giving children in impoverished communities a "Leg Up" to a brighter future. She has initiated and hosted several fundraising efforts, participated on numerous charity committees, chaired fundraising events and assisted several charities increase successful operational growth.


As a citizen of the world, Denise speaks several languages and is at home in many cultures that include Germany, Spain, Canada, and the United States. An artist and art lover at heart, Denise values the creative and is a fan of anything that makes the world a more beautiful place. Once a leading Canadian show jumper competing at the Grand Prix level, Denise likes to surround herself with animals and advocates for animal rescue.


Denise is not only accomplished in her professional and philanthropic endeavors but has also successfully completed a BS and an MBA degree, both with academic honors. Additionally, Denise has completed specialized programs in Sustainability in Business Strategy, Disruptive Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and has spent several years studying design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has been published in Metropolitan magazine and is IMDb recognized.

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