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Creative Gallery / Denise Fraile

Current Works in progress. 

Oil on canvas. 4ft x 5ft.

Q & A: Art Bodega Magazine

How did your early years and education influence your creativity?

I'm an art enthusiast with an eclectic background. I grew up in Europe and was invariably mesmerized  by history, architecture and visual arts.  I've had the privilege of immersing myself in diverse cultures, and developing a deep appreciation for art and design at a young age. Everything I observed shaped my eye for esthetics and composition.  This became fundamental in my interpretation of the world.

My formal education has been equally fulfilling. With a BS in design, an MBA, and studies at the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design and Harvard Extension, I've had the privilege of learning from some of the best in the field. This education has given me a well-rounded perspective on art, design, and their powerful capabilities.

What inspires your passion for art and creativity?

When I think about why I love art so much, two reasons come to mind. The first is the way it can bridge emotions and connect people beyond the visual. Art has the ability to inspire, influence, entertain, capture history, and educate. Whether it's a canvas, sculpture, or something else entirely, the ingenuity of art and creativity is limitless.

The second reason I love art is its healing properties. When I had a traumatic equestrian accident, art became my lifeline. It gave me a way to cope with the pain and trauma, and ultimately helped me through the hardest time of my life. I believe that creative outlets have the power to transform and heal, and I'm passionate about sharing this message with others.

What are your favorite mediums to use?

As an artist, I enjoy working with a variety of mediums. I particularly love creating photo-realistic pieces using chalk pastel and oil paints, but I'm always experimenting and exploring new techniques. Lately, I've been playing with the combination of photorealism and pop-art, which has been a momentous challenge fighting my urge to depict every detail perfectly. Photography is another favorite medium of mine, and I enjoy exploring different genres, from superimposed images to street photography, urbex photography, and the simple yet delightful challenge of finding interesting subject matter in random places.  My biggest artistic achievement is having one of my pieces hang beside an original Andy Warhol piece. I was beyond humbled when I was told of such honor by the collector.

Going beyond the visual arts how does creativity translate throughout your life?

Beyond the arts, I'm also passionate about philanthropy. As an active board member of several charities, I strive to make a difference in building the leaders of tomorrow, abolishing human trafficking, and improving the lives of others. I'm proud to have received recognition for my humanitarian efforts, including the "Leg Up" award and the candidate of the year honor for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Man & Woman of the Year challenge.

I was once also a Grand Prix level show jumper equestrian. I've also been published in Metropolitan magazine and recognized by IMDb. These achievements are a testament to my dedication to excellence and my passion for creativity.

In summary, my love for art and creativity runs deep. It has been a defining aspect of my life, shaping the way I see the world and inspiring me to create and give back. Whether I'm working on a new piece of art, exploring a new city, or volunteering for a charity, I'm always striving to make the world a more beautiful and meaningful place.

denise fraile
denise fraile


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As a child, I always looked forward to our family's weekly trip to the grocery store. My favorite aisle was the one with all the candy bars neatly lined up, their colorful wrappers beckoning me to come closer.

One day, my mom let me pick out a candy bar as a special treat. I chose a Milky Way bar, and as soon as I took a bite, I was transported to a world of creamy nougat, gooey caramel, and rich chocolate. It was pure bliss.

As I grew up, candy bars became a nostalgic indulgence, reminding me of simpler times and carefree childhood days. They were a comfort food, a sweet escape from the stresses of adulthood.

Now, whenever I bite into a candy bar, I am transported back to that grocery store aisle, surrounded by endless possibilities and the thrill of a simple pleasure. It's a reminder that sometimes the small things in life can bring the greatest joy. And that's why I love candy bars - for their ability to connect me to the nostalgia of my childhood and bring a little sweetness into my day.

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